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 As perhaps may have been clear from previous Adventures in Co-Writing entries, @bookshop​ and I spent 70,000 words in perfect, gorgeous sync, and the story was *so* easy, and I swear, we were, like, thisclose to wrapping it up...and then everything fell to pieces, lol. I, admittedly, wrote the moment that caused the breaking point--actually, I may have written many of the moments--but when we got to the crisis point and really stopped to examine it and really stopped to dig into what we’d written...we realized that maybe we’d accidentally been writing two TOTALLY DIFFERENT stories the whole time, lololol, oops. 


I mean, they were clearly compatible stories, because we went so long without realizing it, and I feel like you could probably immediately guess where our stories were going to diverge (hint: it involves conflict. Or lack thereof), but it kind of caught us by surprise. 

So, anyway we spent weeks--literally weeks--trying to come up with an ending we both were truly happy with. We have...so many endings of this story, lolol. I feel like we’ve each written, like, three different endings at this point. And I mean, RADICALLY different. Like, diverging at different points, arriving at different OTPs, etc. And then every time we wrote another ending, we realized that we were losing things about the other endings that we really liked. And anyway, we couldn’t seem to find an ending that we were both really thrilled with. Like, no matter what we did, one or both of us was compromising, and it didn’t feel satisfying. (And I was, admittedly, being a baby about missing other versions of the characters, and having to do rewrites, etc.)

And then the other night we came up with this idea: What if...there is no canon? Like, what if we just write every single ending we want to write? What if this story can happen a hundred, thousand, million different ways? What if there’s a universe for each OTP, and other OTPs we haven’t thought about yet, and an OT3 in there, too? What if there’s a universe that focuses instead on some of the secondary characters we haven’t had time for? What if there’s a universe that’s mostly fluff sexilogue, and a universe with a lot of pining and conflict? ALL THE UNIVERSES. 

And, for the first time in weeks, I felt like we could take a breath. Like, WE COULD HAVE ALL OF IT. EVERYTHING. We don’t need to choose. WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE? WE’RE FANFIC WRITERS. WE GET TO NEVER CHOOSE. Like, this is what we *do.* All along, what we were really doing was writing ourselves fic, opening up possibilities, and then we couldn’t bear to foreclose any of them, because *we’re fanfic writers,* we are at our most comfortable when everything is a possibility. 

So our new plan is to put up an Introduction and Dramatis Personae, and be like, “Here are our characters. Here are the basics. There is no canon,” and then throw a bunch of fics up there at you: long ones, short ones, one-shots, multichapter, this OTP, that OTP, this POV, that POV, random AUs, etc. This seems like a lot, but, like, we’ve got so much written already that we basically have a whole little fandom, we were like, “Why not put it all up? Why pick and choose?” YOU can pick and choose. You can, hopefully, get a feel for the characters and know which OTPs you prefer, or who you’d want to read about, or just which of your favorite tropes you want to roll around in. 

And then the hope is that, well, all of you will want to join in eventually. Like, you write the story you haven’t seen yet. AS ALL FANFIC WRITERS DO. 

So, those are Adventures in Co-Writing now. It turns out we weren’t writing Hipster My Fair Lady or Hipster Emma. We were writing, well, everything. 

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When I first started writing fic, it was entirely co-written.

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I was tagged by @pttucker to do one of these, so here we go!

January: ...Did I really start the year by posted Arthur & Eames’s KtCR epilogue? Was that really only this year? It feels like I wrote KtCR ages and ages ago, but apparently that was the first thing I posted this year. (The epilogue was definitely written long before this, I feel sure.) Later that same month, I spent basically an entire weekend stranded by a snowstorm. Someone came up with the idea of doing flash blizzard fics, which is how I wrote The Option of Furnishing a House with Blanket Forts, while I was sitting in the VIP room for Amtrak at Chicago Union Station. I had the VIP room admission because I’d paid for a sleeper car for my overnight train to Memphis, and I *loved* traveling by train, so much that I definitely wanted to write a fic about it but couldn’t really decide what kind of fic I wanted to write. So I borrowed an old trope and wrote a Five Times fic on the train: Five Times Arthur and Eames Met on a Train, And One Time They Definitely Didn’t.

February: In February I posted a little more to the Next Big Thing DVD commentary, which is something I really have to finish, sorry, guys. I also posted Valentine, a little ficlet in the Luckyverse, because I felt bad that I hadn’t had anything special planned for Valentine’s Day, oops. IO had some kind of fabulous idea during a watch party and I FINALLY wrote and posted a fic called Don’t Think About Elephants which I’d basically wanted to do ever since falling into the Inception fandom. Oh! And it was a leap year this year, which meant an extra writing day, so I wrote not one, but two fics, both called Bissextile, because, I don’t know, I thought that was clever or something.

March: In March I think I agreed to give away a fic to whoever won the Oscar pool? Somehow there were two winners? It’s always vague but I have to say, in all honesty, that the two fics that came out of this--A Delicate Art and Staple Item--were two of my favorite fics to come out of this year, I re-read them all the time. So thanks for the prompts! Someone expressed disappointment that I hadn’t had a fun St. Patrick’s Day fic planned for HGTV-verse. So then I wrote The End of the Rainbow, because, yeah, they had a point. In March I also posted Any Eventuality, which was a Lucky fic I’d written ages earlier and had been sitting on for a rainy day...which happened in March because it’s a fic about an ill Arthur and I was sick with a cold at the end of March this year and so felt I should post a sickfic in commiseration. Oh! Wait! Then I also posted You Should See My Cuts of Cheese in March because, like, I don’t even know what goes on with my fic, you guys.

April: April was a slow month. I don’t feel like I wrote Sherlock and John’s KtCR epilogue that month, but now that I look back I feel like I must have, as there was nothing posted until the end of the month, when that showed up. I do remember it was hard for me to write, because by then I hadn’t written Sherlock and John in a while, so it wouldn’t surprise me that it had taken me a few weeks to get it out. In then, in what is actually a fairly typical move for me, having spent a few weeks fighting with writing, I sat down and wrote an entire novella in a weekend, based on a lingering dream I had one night: The Proper Form of Address.

May: I posted nothing in May. Which is unusual for me. I must have been recovering.

June: In June I posted Birds, Bees, Giant Claw Machines, inspired by a Tumblr post. I also posted Happy Ending, which was a fic I’d written many months earlier and had been holding in reserve.

July: Inceptiversary! And I wrote the most fun fics for my bingo card! Safe House, My Man Eames (an AU I’d always wanted to write), and The First Sorrow Wept Without Her.

August: In August I wrote and posted a quick little coda in the PSLverse, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season. I also wrote and posted Pure Imagination. RIP, Gene Wilder. :-(

September: I usually use Labor Day weekend to write myself something fun. This year, in honor of Gene Wilder, I finally tackled the Willy Wonka AU I’d been longing for forever: Golden Ticket. I also posted Biggest Fan, which was a fic I’d written for the Inception fanbook thing.

October: October was a month of Reculer pour mieux sauter, which was a fic I think I started last year and finished writing sometime this spring. I also had too many ideas for Halloween fics and so wrote two: A Very Special Halloween Episode and (the unexpectedly feels-y) Right Here, Love.

November: In honor of Reverse Bang and some AMAZING art, I tackled a pairing I’d never written before! Arthur/Ariadne, in the aptly titled Ariadne. I also wrote puppy fluff for more AMAZING art (thanks, Tom Hardy, for loving dogs) called Puppy Love. And then I, like, randomly wrote a fic called Why Is Eames So Hot?

December: I spent November in dire need of fluff. So I wrote myself a lot of it, posting it throughout the month and finishing in December. It took the shape of a sequel to The Proper Form of Address that I titled The Proper Protocols. And, finally, @kedgeree11​ ran a brilliant Secret Saito and I ended up writing Silver Bells (despite the fact that I’d had no intention of writing Christmas fluff this year).

Year in Review

If I’ve counted correctly, I posted 32 fics this year and, according to my AO3 statistic, they were composed of 342,152 words. That’s actually only about half of the production of last year, and it feels like I wrote only half as much this year, but looking back over the year I’m very pleased with it. I wrote A LOT of shorter, spontaneous stuff, and that was very freeing and fun. For many years now, my fic posting schedule has been meticulously planned. It was nice to just write-and-post, no heavy plot pressure, no schedule to keep up with. If something inspired me, I sat down and I wrote it. And nothing got out of control the way NBT had, which was maybe a break I needed. :-)

I also started writing more original stuff this year and actually liking it, which was not an experience I’d had in a while. But Archer and Bennet and their world were delightful to get to know and I think I needed that floodgate to open for me.

The most challenging fic I wrote this year was “Reculer,” because that’s an intense fic and I was worried I wasn’t getting it right. I am very, very pleased with how it turned out.

On the agenda for next year: my academia AU, a couple more Lucky fics, the NBT wedding sequel...oh, and an original project!

And, hopefully, lots of fic that will take my be wonderful pleasant surprise!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for being the most hilarious and inspiring group of people, thank you for every single wonderful comment you leave even when I’m a terrible writer and take forever to get back to you, thank you for making my life more incredible on a daily basis. I wish you all the best in 2017!

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This was a tough year, right? Here, nevertheless, is my traditional annual round-up of the best things about the year. Here are the things that stood out this year as being bright spots for me. I’m hoping there are a lot more next year.

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For [livejournal.com profile] maryjane221b

“We never have adventures anymore,” wails Lucky. “We are old and boring.”

“You’re seven,” says Arthur.

“Can we sleep in the garden?”


“Why not?” counters Lucky.

“Your daughter wants to have an adventure and sleep in the garden,” Arthur tells Eames.

“We should,” says Eames. “We could catch up on the butterfly gossip.”

“Yay!” exclaims Lucky.

“Butterfly gossip?” says Arthur.

“Oh, yes. If you stay quiet and still, petal, the butterflies will whisper in your ear.”

“What do they say? Stupid British double entendres?”

“No, brilliant ones,” replies Eames. “Come along, poppet, let’s gather supplies for our garden outing.”


That's it for the drabbles. No matter which holiday you're celebrating this month--or none at all--I wish you an incredibly joyous and peaceful time.
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For [livejournal.com profile] rereader

His mother is in Thailand with Saito. Christmas isn’t their thing—they spend it with Eames’s parents—and they haven’t even spent Chanukah together in years.

Normally Arthur lights a Chanukiah. But this year the first night of Chanukah is also Christmas Eve, and Arthur’s feeling a little untethered from his traditions, in Eames’s Christmas world.

Leave it to Eames, though: a Chanukiah on the table in Eames’s parents’ kitchen, Eames and his parents next to it, smiling.

Arthur lights the Shamash and the first candle, says the prayer, and marvels at how he loves Eames more fiercely each day.
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For [livejournal.com profile] charisstoma

It wasn’t that John was snooping. It was just that—he was totally snooping.

And he jumped a mile when Sherlock said, “What are you doing?”

“Christ,” said John. “You startled me.”

“I shouldn’t have. You should have heard me coming. I didn’t make any attempt to be stealthy. You weren’t paying attention, obviously. You were absorbed in something else. What?”

“Nothing,” John tried lying, and then he couldn’t help but burst out, “You have a folder called ‘porn’ on your laptop and it’s entirely old murder cases.”

“Yes,” said Sherlock. “What else would you have in a porn folder?”
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For [livejournal.com profile] postynotedreams

“Hello?” Rose shouted into her phone. “Hello? Terrible reception.”

“Why? It’s an Earth phone, and we’re on Earth,” said Brem.

“Your father fiddled with it,” said Rose. “How long does it take to choose a Christmas tree, anyway?”

“I can just take my TARDIS to go see how they’re doing. Better than a phone.”

“We’re back!” shouted Fortuna, coming in.

“No need,” said Rose. “They’re back.”

“And we have chosen the most enormous tree in the universe,” said Athena.

“You need a big tree for a TARDIS,” protested the Doctor. “A little tree would just get swallowed up in here!”
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For [livejournal.com profile] azriona

“This one really needs your discretion,” said Lestrade, very seriously.

“My discretion?” snapped Sherlock. “When am I ever not discreet?”

Lestrade winced. “It’s just that this person is important.”

“Important? Oh, God, it isn’t Mycroft, is it?”

“No, it’s not Mycroft, it’s…” Lestrade looked around and then lowered his voice and said, “It’s a rock star.”

“A what?” said Sherlock. “You mean a singer?”

“He is not going to care about that,” said John. “On the other hand, I am avidly interested now. This will make a great blog entry.”

“No, you have to be discreet,” sighed Lestrade. “Oh, bollocks.”
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WARNING: I wasn’t the hugest fan of the way Yuri on Ice ended, although I enjoyed it well enough before the final episode, and then I tried to analyze why I didn’t like the ending as much as everybody else seemed to, and then this long, crazy thing resulted. In which I randomly get fixated on genres, sports AUs, my inability to enjoy litigation as a career, and oh, yeah, a three-paragraph re-write of how I would have ended the show.

What even... Yuri on Ice spoilers ahead )
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For [livejournal.com profile] alafaye (sorry for the delay, LJ was down for maintenance when I kept trying to post yesterday!)

Oliver had a wanderer’s spirit. Sherlock always seemed so linked to London, so inclined to stay put. But Sherlock, John thought, had clung to a home once he’d found one. Oliver had always had a home, and so he wandered far and free. When he returned, it was laden down with an exotic tea or new jumper for John, and an array of curiosities both mundane and extraordinary that he and Sherlock forewent sleep to examine.

And Oliver would say, in the morning over tea John made for them, “It’s good to be home,” smiling, pleased.

John and Sherlock agreed.
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For [livejournal.com profile] lauand

Arthur said it with blood running choking over his face, said it with every labored breath his body kept trying to take, said it after he lost all sense of time and place and could remember nothing other than how important it was that these people think that Eames was not important.

He said it when the pain of being touched pulled him from the numb darkness he’d sunk into. “Eames—doesn’t matter. I don’t care—about Eames.”

“Darling,” said Eames, sounding anguished but very alive. “I’m here now. You’re safe.”

Eames, thought Arthur, relieved. The only thing that mattered.
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For [livejournal.com profile] 1trackmind

Sherlock was wearing a sour expression on his face. John hadn’t really wanted to go undercover in the gay club—not his thing—but it was worth it for how scowly Sherlock was being.

“Don’t like dancing?” John said to him, relishing the reply.

The reply was: “That’s not dancing. That is a collection of bodily movements having nothing to do with anything like a pirouette or a plie or an arabesque or a battement tendu.”

John blinked at him, surprised. “Wait. You know about dancing?”

“Yes,” responded Sherlock. “And that’s--” Sherlock nodded toward the seething dancefloor— “not it.”
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For [livejournal.com profile] kedgeree11

“Everything about your plan is brilliant,” Eames said, “except for the fact that you want me to forge a baseball player.”

“The mark loves baseball,” said Arthur.

“But I know absolutely nothing about baseball. I am an expert when it comes to handling balls—”

Arthur rolled his eyes.

“—but as far as I’m concerned ‘bunting’ is a holiday decoration.”

“Do you want me to teach you about baseball?”

“I want you to dress in tight baseball trousers and throw some balls around with me. If in the process I learn something about baseball, that’d be an added bonus.”
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For [livejournal.com profile] auntiesuze

“I am pretty sure he’s real, Mum,” Brem said.

“Krampus isn’t real,” Rose assured him. “It’s just a folk tale made up to scare children.”

“Dad says folk tales are all real. You just have to find the right universe.”

Rose sighed. “Your dad is sometimes not very helpful. Even if Krampus is real, it doesn’t matter. He only visits bad children.”

“I’m not good all the time,” said Brem. “Sometimes I get in trouble. Because I’m precocious. I’m concerned Krampus is particular and will not appreciate precociousness.”

“I think Krampus makes exceptions for impossible Time Lord children,” Rose promised.
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For [livejournal.com profile] nia_kantorka

“I’m bored,” said Eames.

“Stop it,” said Arthur. “You’re not bored.”

“Yes, I am. I’m very bored. Let’s play a game.”


“Let’s play I Spy.”

“That’s the game you want to play? I Spy?”

“I spy with my little eye something blue.”

“My tie.”

“Well, that game didn’t last very long.”

“My tie is aquamarine,” said Arthur. “With little gold diamonds.”

“Sorry. I spy something aquamarine with little gold diamonds.”

“I spy something pink,” said Arthur.

Eames frowned and looked around. “Pink. Hmm.”

“Your mouth,” said Arthur.

Eames blinked. “My…”

“Let’s play a game, Mr. Eames,” purred Arthur.

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For [livejournal.com profile] chocolamousse

“What are you doing awake?” Sherlock asked, where he was sprawled on the sofa staring at the ceiling.

“It’s cold in the bed,” said John.

Sherlock sighed heavily. “I suppose you would like me to join you.”

“No,” said John, who knew what he was on about.

“No?!” Sherlock sounded shocked.

“Just looking for a hot water bottle,” John said innocently.

Predictably, Sherlock was next to him instantly. “You won’t want the hot water bottle. I’m using it to hold O-negative blood at the moment. I’ll just have to come to bed with you, shall I?”

John smiled. “I suppose.”
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For [livejournal.com profile] kthlnmcguire

“I don’t see any point to all of us going to Royal Ascot,” said Arthur. “Eames can go by himself and spy on the mark and that will be good enough.”

Ariadne gave him a look. “You don’t see any point to going to Royal Ascot? Really? No point in seeing Eames in a fancy Ascot outfit.”

“No point at all,” responded Arthur primly.

But he did find himself, at Royal Ascot, next to an annoyingly attractively dapper Eames, who handed Arthur a bet receipt and murmured, “Feeling lucky, darling?”

Arthur, looking at Eames’s blue eyes and curling smile, did.
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For [livejournal.com profile] fridatwin

“It’s a tie,” said Ariadne.

“It can’t be a tie,” said Arthur desperately. “Count the votes again.”

“I’ve counted them three times,” said Ariadne. “They aren’t suddenly going to change.”

“But we can’t both be class president!” Arthur protested. “That is ridiculous! There must be some kind of tie-breaking mechanism!”

“Co-presidents,” mused Eames thoughtfully. “I think this will work. I will plan all of the fun social events that people will want to go to, and you’ll…do the boring stuff.”

Arthur glared at him. “This isn’t going to work, because I hate you.”

Eames grinned. “You say that now, darling…”
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For [livejournal.com profile] indybaggins

When Mycroft was young, the word “brother” had been bewildering to him.

“This is your brother Sherlock,” his mother had said to him, presenting him with a wrinkly, howling, red gnome.

Mycroft had wrinkled his nose and thought, That’s a brother?

The word “brother” was still just as bewildering to Mycroft. Sherlock was no longer wrinkly, no longer red, no longer gnome-like, although he still did plenty of howling. Now when Mycroft looked at him, he saw a stubborn, difficult, extraordinary, infuriating man, less certain of everything than he wanted to appear to be. And he thought, That’s a brother.


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